[vbox-dev] Additions: linux/drm: Change vbox_*.c to kernel coding style set 2

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Wed Jun 14 13:36:48 GMT 2017


On 14-06-17 15:20, Michael Thayer wrote:
> Hello Hans,
> 09.06.2017 09:48, Hans de Goede wrote:
> [...]
>> Here are the last 2 patches to complete the conversion of the linux drm/kms
>> driver files to the kernel coding style.
>> You hereby have my and Red Hat's permission to use these under the MIT
>> license.
> [...]
> Thank you, committed both series.  This time with somewhat more
> consistent commit messages, now that I have adjusted to applying
> git-style patches in Subversion.

Thanks for merging these.

Given Sean Paul's comments on the dri-devel list, I plan to also
convert the files which in the staging submission sit under the
osindepdent dir to the kernel coding style.

If you want I can submit a patch switching the drm code in svn
over to use the cleaned-up files rather then the shared ones,
that way it will stay relatively close the code going upstream
and it should be easier to keep things in sync.

With the downside that any changes to the once shared files would
need to be done in 2 places.

I've a feeling these files don't change a lot though
and having the code in vbox svn also use separate kernel-coding
style copies of these files also should make it easier to
reproduce bugs seen upstream with the svn code and the other
way around, so all in all I personally think it would be
best to also move the code in svn over to using stand-alone
cleaned up copies of these files. Either way let me know
how you want to move forward with this.



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