[vbox-dev] VBox 5.14 Win10 Host + Arch-Linux Guest

debbie10t debbie10t at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 11:12:22 GMT 2016


first, as this is the vbox-dev list please be clear, I am not asking for 
VBox help.
I have been subscribed to this list for a while and it seems this query 
should be ok
to ask here.

Quick summary:

I have been running vbox for some years, I am quite familiar with it.
I run a win10 host with Linux:arch/centOS/Debian/Ubuntu and WinXP guests.
This all worked well for a long time.


Recently, I upgraded vbox to version 5.1.4 r110238, and now the 
arch-linux client
simply will not run properly.  It seems that it refuses to load the 
guest additions.

I have spoken to the arch-linux support channels (on freenode) and their 
response was that "there is a problem between virtual box and the latest 
Linux Kernel"
I could not get any other useful information out of that channel .. 
other than they
believe the problem lies entirely with Virtualbox.

I also asked on freenode#vbox but did not get any reply to my question ..

As arch-linux is one of the bleeding edge linux distros I am prepared to 
accept that
problems like this will most likely manifest themselves with arch before 
any other OS.


Is this problem known to the Vbox developers ?
I have scanned the bug-trac but could not find a matching bug report.

Is there anything I can do to help ?

Many thanks

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