[vbox-dev] Odd networking issue with VirtuaBox

Valery Ushakov uwe at stderr.spb.ru
Thu Jun 18 01:24:14 GMT 2015

Maarten Hoes wrote:

> BTW, this also doesnt explain / still leaves open the issue as to
> why I fail to start an ssh session into the Centos 7 guest vm from
> the Windows 8.1 host os once I set the network for the CentOS 7
> guest in VirtualBox to 'NAT'.

You need to set up port-forwarding for the VM, as the host is
"outside" the NAT.

PS: Bear in mind also that "NAT" is, unfortunately, a misnomer.  "NAT"
and "NAT Network" are not actually NAT, but rather something like an
automagic socks proxy.


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