[vbox-dev] VirtualBox VMware VGA emulation

Ian Chapman packages at amiga-hardware.com
Sun Jun 14 08:50:06 GMT 2015

On 14/06/15 16:41, Alexey Eromenko wrote:

> It was a community contribution few years ago, and probably incomplete.
> Not tested by Oracle. Not tested by community. I bet 3D drivers from
> VMware will not work. 2D graphics and video BIOS might work.

Thanks for the info. I think you're probably right in that it isn't that 
complete. It appears on the 'PCI' bus a the correct device and seems to 
work perfectly fine as a generic VGA card but not doesn't seem to work 
with a few old (albeit 3rd party) VMWare drivers I've tried.

Ian Chapman.

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