[vbox-dev] API Bugs

Ian Chapman packages at amiga-hardware.com
Tue Jun 9 10:05:03 GMT 2015

On 08/06/15 20:33, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:

>> I believe there's a few API bugs (via the web service interface) which
>> have existed for a while, which I could probably demonstate by writing
>> some test code in Perl.
> Hmmm... the Perl interface to the web service API is extremely limited,
> because the ZSI module doesn't handle a good portion of the SOAP
> specification, which makes a lot of the API calls unreachable.

Actually for me it seems to work quite well, although I do have to make 
some modifications to vboxService.pm and create the serializers. The 
only limitations I've really noticed is that passing arrays as a 
parameter seems impossible but isn't used all that much and I can 
generally work around it.

> The stub
> generator wastes many minutes of CPU time during the build, and its
> output isn't terribly useful.

Yes, it isn't very useful verbatim, but I'm not hugely worried as I can 
generate it from the WSDL file but as you say, it's slow.

>> Is that something worth doing?
> Depends... if it's showing the limitation of the ZSI stuff we can't do
> much. If it shows a genuine case where the API behaves incorrectly we
> absolutely want to know. Throw an example in our direction and we'll see.

I believe they are genuine cases but I didn't want to create example 
code if there wasn't any interest. I also don't wish to waste your time 
either so I'm happy to try and prove these as best I can rather than 
wasting your time.

For example with VB 5.0.0 RC1
Adding a SAS controller to a guest and immediately reading it's type 
returns "USB" where I would expect it to return "LsiLogicSas".

Ian Chapman.

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