[vbox-dev] 'bridged adapter' issue.

Maarten Hoes hoes.maarten at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 10:34:47 GMT 2015


Well I tried a packet capture running wireshark, during executing a ping on
the guest. The good news is that the results are now at least consistent:
both the ping and the host commands fail to resolve the hostname to an ip
address. The bad new is, that with virtualbox 5, when I try to start a
capture on the host interface when I start a CentOS guest, the capture
stops and I receive this error message from wireshark: "The network adapter
on which the capture was being done is no longer running; the capture has
stopped." But perhaps I should start a different thread for that. The good
news are the captures (included in the attachment) from virtualbox 4 (from
running VBoxManage modifyvm "guestname" --nictrace1 on), and a simultaneous
capture of the host nic. Even though the hostname lookups for www.google.com
dont seem to show up in the host capture, even though they are in the
virtualbox capture, which seems odd.

- Maarten
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