[vbox-dev] 'bridged adapter' issue.

Valery Ushakov uwe at stderr.spb.ru
Tue Jul 28 15:39:28 GMT 2015

Maarten Hoes <hoes.maarten at gmail.com> wrote:

> Im running into an issue were it appears as if my bridged adapters in my
> CentOS 7 guest VM's no longer are able to contact the default gateway. For
> example, when issuing a ping to that default gateway from within the guest,
> it fails. (Other network activity also fails to work, appearantly because
> of this. Pinging the default gateway from the host works as expected.). On
> the other hand, the same device (my ISP's router/modem) seems to be
> receiving DHCP requests and issuing DHCP reply's just fine, because the
> guest gets IP addresses assigned with DHCP.
> I tried downgrading from 5.0 to 4.3.30 and 4.3.28, but that did not change
> the behavior. Setting the bridged adapter to 'NAT' for the guest does make
> the issue go away.
> My host is Windows 8.1, and the guests are CentOS 7. VirtualBox 5.0.
> Also, bridged adapters with VirtualBox 5.0 used to work, so I suspect some
> Windows update (or other software configuration change on my box).
> I really have no idea on how to troubleshoot this issue further. Any and
> all input is appreciated.

Can you access other hosts on the same network?

This sounds like https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/14261


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