[vbox-dev] just a fun suggestion

ty narmz aarmour at cipmail.org
Sat Jul 18 20:07:47 GMT 2015

For tutorials on everything and anything related to virtualbox backend

Even try to make it so that we can run macintosh on windows through
virtualbox and have full access to all of the funny apple stuff.

so like tutorials on every aspect of writing operating systems and on
writing virtualbox

theres puredarwin that can work....puredarwin.org and hackintosh...

these are just fun suggestions that would be super cool to develop if we
can get tutorials on just everything.

especially like how to emulate hardware devices and how low level can we do
this...can we write a version of virtualbox so we could install hackintosh
or puredarwin onto raspberry pi? even freedos on raspberry pi would be rad

that would be most interesting if you could just emulate whatever needed to
be emulated.

im sure there will be more but yeah.
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