[vbox-dev] Patch to support installation on non-Sun/Oracle Solaris hosts

Jim Klimov jim at cos.ru
Wed Jul 1 13:31:17 GMT 2015

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Тема: Re: [vbox-dev] Patch to support installation on non-Sun/Oracle Solaris hosts
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> Hi Jim,
> This might seem like a silly question, but if the output of 
> 'uname 
> -something' differs for these distros, can't we just use that 
> instead of 
> parsing kernel package FMRIs?  After all, the whole point 
> of parsing it 
> is to provide accurate build/release based drivers but since all 
> these 
> Solaris variants are basically snv_151 level compatible it 
> doesn't 
> really matter we get accurate major/minor numbers.
> It would also make the script a lot simpler and the code path 
> would be 
> quite separate.
> Regards,
> Ram.

Hi Ram,

That's what I researched originally. The problem is, these "uname" identifiers are not quite constant (and in my own build of the OS/Net gate I can define anything I want). My patch did include variants for unames reported by OmniOS, OI "dev" and OI "Hipster", per these examples:

omnios# SunOS HOSTNAME 5.11 omnios-c4ba593 i86pc i386 i86pc
oi-dev# SunOS HOSTNAME 5.11 oi_151a8 i86pc i386 i86pc
oi-hip# SunOS HOSTNAME 5.11 illumos-1d3f896 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

For the moment, they do report "5.11" as the kernel level (but so did SXCE for most of its history - and before it had crossbow for example, as well). Kernel versions are tagged as "distro_version", "distro-commitid" or "illumos-commitid" in just these few examples. Again, a custom-kernel builder could mark it to be anything else.

There is likely no possible universal automagic solution for this (hence the fallback to touchable files to satisfy everybody who does not fit our patterns), just support for the most-likely situations to require nothing else than a "pkgadd" and do what is appropriate.

Jim Klimov

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