[vbox-dev] Tracking of CPU utilization from Host

Arkajit Ghosh arkajit.ghosh at tcs.com
Wed Feb 11 09:30:27 GMT 2015

Hi Team,

I am working on some performance related setup. My setup is something like this: Sending huge traffic from VM1 (latest ubuntu image) to VM2 (latest ubuntu image) and VM1 is situated in HOST1 and VM2 is situated HOST2. Both VMs are executing via Oracle VirtualBox.

Now I want to track the CPU utilizations of both the VMs during booting up time, during packet handling time from corresponding Hosts. How I can track the exact CPU utilizations used by the VMs?

I tried using the "top" command from the host , after getting the pid of each virtualbox. Can anyone confirm is this the right way to track the CPU utilization of VMs? 

Please feel free to reply. If you think this is not the right place to ask this query then please guide me where I can put this query.

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