[vbox-dev] Windows 10 guest additions video driver problem

Anna Fischer a.fischer at sirrix.com
Tue Dec 29 12:54:01 GMT 2015


I run Virtualbox 5.0.10 on Gentoo Linux. I run different guest operating systems, one of them Windows 10 64-bit. All my guests have 5.0.10 guest additions installed. All guests work fine except the Windows 10 guest: when I suspend the system (e.g. the host OS goes into hibernation / suspend to RAM mode) while the VM is running, and then resume the system, it seems as if the guest graphics driver crashes. Initially when the VM comes back on the screen after resume, it seems as if the resolution is switched to a lower resolution, and then I get a message in the guest saying video driver crashed. Has anyone else ever seen this? I only seem to have the problem with Windows 10 as guest. All other guests still work after resume, and their resolution does not change.

Many thanks for any advice.


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