[vbox-dev] Expert options

Mario Lobo mlobo at digiart.art.br
Mon Aug 17 13:09:43 GMT 2015


When typing VirtualBox --help, it prints these:


Expert options:
--disable-patm             disable code patching (ignored by
--disable-csam             disable code scanning (ignored
by AMD-V/VT-x) 
--recompile-supervisor     recompiled execution of
supervisor code (*) 
--recompile-user           recompiled execution of
user code (*) 
--recompile-all            recompiled execution of all
code, with disabled code patching and scanning
--execute-all-in-iem       For debugging the interpreted execution
--warp-pct <pct>           time warp factor, 100% (= 1.0) =
normal speed 

(*) For AMD-V/VT-x setups the effect is --recompile-all.

I tried to find documentation for them but I couldn't. Nor there are
any explanations on the User Manual.

Could anybody point to an elaborate doc on them or what exactly do
they do?


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