[vbox-dev] Using VirtualBox network drivers

Gary Palter palter at clozure.com
Mon Jul 28 22:16:57 GMT 2014

Well, I'm back again.

Our application is using Linux bridging and a tap interface and it works under several flavors on Linux (Red Hat 5.8, Red Hat 6.5, Ubuntu 12.04).  Our client is using it and is quite happy with it.

Recently, however, I installed Mint 17, based on Ubuntu 14.04, and discovered that our application doesn't work.  Enabling logging, I can see that our application is receiving packets just fine.  However, packets that we write to the tap device aren't being forwarded to the bridge.  (The MAC address of our application never appears in brctl showmacs.)  Mint 17 is using a 3.13 kernel.  Do you know of any reason why this might stop working?  (If you want, I can send you the code we use to setup the tap device.)


  - Gary Palter
    Principal Software Engineer
    Clozure Associates
    Cell:  617-947-0536

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