[vbox-dev] Faulty logging code

Ray Yang rayyang at ybwork.com
Thu Jul 24 05:29:11 GMT 2014

The following logging code is missing the last parameter for uTagSrc:

static int  apic_deliver(APICDeviceInfo *pDev, APICState *pApic,
                         uint8_t dest, uint8_t dest_mode,
                         uint8_t delivery_mode, uint8_t vector_num,
                         uint8_t polarity, uint8_t trigger_mode)
    int dest_shorthand = (pApic->icr[0] >> 18) & 3;
    LogFlow(("apic_deliver dest=%x dest_mode=%x dest_shorthand=%x
delivery_mode=%x vector_num=%x polarity=%x trigger_mode=%x
uTagSrc=%#x\n", dest, dest_mode, dest_shorthand, delivery_mode,
vector_num, polarity, trigger_mode));

So it results the following log message:

apic_deliver dest=1 dest_mode=0 dest_shorthand=0 delivery_mode=5
vector_num=0 polarity=1 trigger_mode=1 uTagSrc=0xcccccccc

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