[vbox-dev] Crash on the logging code

Ray Yang rayyang at ybwork.com
Sun Jul 6 06:41:25 GMT 2014

Additional pszDriver is missing from the following line:

VMMR3DECL(int) PDMR3DriverDetach(PUVM pUVM, const char *pszDevice,
unsigned iDevIns, unsigned iLun,
                                 const char *pszDriver, unsigned
iOccurance, uint32_t fFlags)
    LogFlow(("PDMR3DriverDetach: pszDevice=%p:{%s} iDevIns=%u iLun=%u
pszDriver=%p:{%s} iOccurance=%u fFlags=%#x\n",
             pszDevice, pszDevice, iDevIns, iLun, pszDriver, iOccurance,

It causes app crash when the logging is enabled.

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