[vbox-dev] Help configuring network with differente Host IPs

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Wed Apr 2 15:56:09 GMT 2014

Hi Gabriel,

On 02.04.2014 13:10, Gabriel Madeira - gmail wrote:
> I have read many reviews on intenet but I could not solve the problem 
> that I describe bellow. I need some help please
> I have a notebook with ubuntu 12.04 virtual box running as guest in a 
> Windows 7 64bits host.
> I use bridge connection under virtual box.
> Everything was ok at home, that is, both guest and host sees each 
> other and guest could connect to internet.
> My guest has a static IP and my host dhcp.
> But when I moved to work where I have different gateway and had to put 
> a static ip to my host, it cannot access the guest anymore and guest 
> has no internet connection.
Please ask such configuration questions in the forums, there are people 
who can give advice (normal usage would be DHCP in the guest, too). This 
mailing list is meant for development related topics.


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