[vbox-dev] How to tell KBuild to locate the additional include directories?

Xun Chen cxun at live.cn
Fri May 3 05:05:32 GMT 2013

I'd like to modify the code of VirtualBox. In the source code the head files are needed, such as ntdef.h wdm.h & ntddk.h, which are contained in WinDDK. I added  these files in the head of source file, #include <***.h>. But when I build the source, the error appear:
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ntdef.h': No such file or directory
Before modifying the source code, the VirtualBox had successfully been built. So I'm sure the KBUILD has already know where WinDDK is. What can I do to let the KBUILD know where to find these head files?
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