[vbox-dev] The documentation is translated into French

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Mon Feb 11 19:46:33 GMT 2013

On Monday 11 Feb 2013 à 15:48:25 (+0100), Klaus Espenlaub wrote:


> What's your platform? Windows? Linux? If we know those details it should 
> be reasonably simple for us to work out some steps which doesn't need 
> you to build the whole product tree (and have all prerequisites).

I use Linux. Linux From Scratch. As translator of LFS book I have common docbook
utilities for XML.

> > 2. Some review would be useful. I will let readers report the problems and
> > I'll make an appeal to review, but it would be fine is a French-speaking here,
> > for instance the people who translated the GUI, could review.
> Certainly... with a document of this size it's simply normal to have 
> some typos in the initial version. We'll see how fast we can manage to 
> find some native speakers to proofread.

Cool. Thanks.

> > 3. I could not do the screenshots in French. It would be fine is someone could
> > convert his interface into French and generate the screenshots to put them in
> > images/ directory. It would be more relevant for the final user.
> This should be doable once we're past the initial proofreading phase...


> > 4. Finally, is the translator of the GUI wants to talk with me about the translation
> > or if you need some translation of the GUI, I am available. I'll send my updates
> > patches here anyway (and try to stay informed regularly of the svn updates).
> > I gues no notification system exist?

> I'll talk with our translation coordinator to establish the contact with 
> the GUI translator responsible for French.


> trac (which is the application behind www.virtualbox.org) has a 
> notification system in the form of a RSS feed in several places, e.g. 
> the timeline or the revision history.
> A RSS feed URL for monitoring all changes in the manual subdirectory 
> (limited to the last 300 revisions) would be 
> https://www.virtualbox.org/vbox/log/trunk/doc/manual?format=rss&limit=300&mode=stop_on_copy
> You can use your favorite RSS feed reader (FireFox has a built-in one).

Great! I'll examine these utilities.

> > Please let me informed if you don't want to add this translation in the SVN
> > repo. I'll put it in other place.
> This will certainly go into the repository very soon. Would be a shame 
> to ignore a language spoken by more than 200 million people (according 
> to Wikipedia).

Great! Thanks

> > Hope it helps.
> I'm certain it will. Thank you very much for the effort to reach more 
> users in their native language.

So I'm pleased.

Best regards,

> Klaus
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