[vbox-dev] my patches for VirtualBox-4.2.0 on Fedora 17+

Sérgio Basto sergio at serjux.com
Fri Dec 21 08:35:28 GMT 2012


On Qui, 2012-12-20 at 13:40 +0100, Michael Thayer wrote: 
> >> I want unblundle $(VBOX_PATH_X11_XFREE_4_3)/, if not required have
> >> a rule in kmk that doesn't try to build it, would be nice.
> The intention was that the lines
>    "SYSMODS := $(filter-out vboxvideo_drv%,$(SYSMODS))"
> and
>    "SYSMODS := $(filter-out vboxmouse_drv%,$(SYSMODS))"
> in the src/VBox/Additions/x11/vbox[video|mouse]/Makefile.kmk should do 
> just this.  Do they not work as intended?

OK I check it 

> >>>> http://cvs.rpmfusion.org/viewvc/rpms/VirtualBox/devel/VirtualBox-4.2.0-mesa.patch?revision=1.3&root=free&view=markup
> >>>I will take a look at this.
> I took a brief look and it probably merits a deeper one (so still not 
> forgotten, but still waiting).  Your patch duplicates a few definitions 
> and things from Mesa headers inside the source file.  This makes me 
> wonder whether we could safely drop the dependency on those headers 
> altogether (system or bundled no matter).  

Could not be easy ...

> Since I didn't write the code 
> though I will need to find the time to look at it properly.
> >>>> I wonder, If you want permit unbundle some other sources like
> >>>> : src/libs/liblzf-3.4/

Sorry for my weak English, I rephrase that , liblzf and kmk part force
to use bundle source, could we have one option to use the system one?   

> >>>> the : src/libs/boost-1.37.0/ src/libs/libxml2-2.6.31/
> >>>> src/libs/libpng-1.2.8/ src/libs/zlib-1.2.6/
> >>>>
> >>>> I saw that is just used on system that don't have it, and don't
> >>>> used on Linux systems.
> They aren't used on recent Linux systems, but we also support building 
> on older ones.  Here a patch to simply remove them from Fedora's 
> distributed version of the source code might make sense if you really 
> can't live with it.  Unless we were to take the decision to publish a 
> bundle-sanitised second copy of the source (this is just a thought on my 
> part, so don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen yet).

Not a problem , I remove all bundle code, that I can remove, to make
sure that is not use, is just a safer way.

Sérgio M. B.

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