[vbox-dev] VirtualBox modules 4.2.4 doesn't build correctly on linux kernel 3.7.0 (gentoo)

G.Wolfe Woodbury redwolfe at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 00:14:30 GMT 2012

Apparently the linux kernel 3.7.0 has reorganized some of the include
header files.

Trying to build virtualbox-modules-4.2.4 on gentoo with
gentoo-sources-2.7.0 fails late in the build with "missing" include
files.  Examination of the error shows that the 3.7.0 kernel has moved
some of the files and/or fails to copy some headers into the

For example: include/asm-generic/types.h is not copied or moved
             include/uapi/types.h is moves somewhere

I filed a bug at the gentoo bugzilla: BZ:447302

is there a beta version or download of sources that works with the Linux
3.7.0 kernel?

G.Wolfe Woodbury
redwolfe at gmail.com

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