[vbox-dev] PATCH: Setting registers in VirtualBox

Ivan Shcherbakov ivan at shcherbakov.info
Mon Aug 13 20:02:13 GMT 2012

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I  am planning to release the GDB stub within the next month. However,
I would like to test it first with the "r" command fully working.

P.S.  I've  got  a  question  regarding my another project - VirtualKD
(http://virtualkd.sysprogs.org).   It's   a   VirtualBox/VMWare  debug
transport  for  Windows  kernel  that  transparently works with WinDbg
(although  40x  faster  than a COM port). I have recently switched the
VirtualBox  plugin  to  the  PDM-based  model.  However,  it  requires
manually  invoking  "vboxmanage  setextradata"  to  enable the module.
Would it be possible to include the thin wrapper (see attachment) into
VirtualBox  4.2  so  that  it  activates automatically if the user has
copied  kdclient64.dll  to VirtualBox directory? It's a simple virtual
device  that  listens  to  certain I/O ports and invokes handlers from
kdclient64.dll that actually implement the exchange.

I could also try to make a patch adding a checkbox to the UI to enable
VirtualKD  if  you  could  give  me a hint where to look for it in the

>Thanks for the patch - we'll look into this soon, and it's likely that
>it'll go into VirtualBox 4.2.

>How far did you get with your GDB stub? You can see that we already
>planned for this functionality
>(src/VBox/Debugger/DBGCGdbRemoteStub.cpp), but didn't find time to
>actually do it.

Best Regards,
 Ivan                          mailto:ivan at shcherbakov.info
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