[vbox-dev] PATCH: Setting registers in VirtualBox debugger [MIT license]

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Mon Aug 13 16:55:21 GMT 2012

Hi Ivan,

On 12.08.2012 22:32, Ivan Shcherbakov wrote:
> Hi All,
> I  am  working on a GDB stub that will create a bridge between GDB and
> the  VirtualBox debugger interface. When I was doing basic tests, I've
> noticed  that  VirtualBox  does not support setting registers from the
> debugger interface:
> VMMR3DECL(int) DBGFR3RegNmSet(PVM pVM, VMCPUID idDefCpu, const char *pszReg, PCDBGFREGVAL pValue, DBGFREGVALTYPE enmType)
> {
> }
> I have implemented the function based on the dbgfR3RegCpuQueryWorker()
> function and tested it via a debugger plugin.
> I  have  attached  a  patch  available  under  the MIT license. Please
> let  me  know  if  I  need  to change anything before the patch can be
> included in the main repository.
> The patch also fixes a bug in dbgcHlpVarToNumber() (*pu64Number is not
> changed for DBGCVAR_TYPE_NUMBER).

Thanks for the patch - we'll look into this soon, and it's likely that 
it'll go into VirtualBox 4.2.

How far did you get with your GDB stub? You can see that we already 
planned for this functionality 
(src/VBox/Debugger/DBGCGdbRemoteStub.cpp), but didn't find time to 
actually do it.


P.S.: no, this mailing list isn't dead. Everyone is just very busy.

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