[vbox-dev] Building from SVN

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Fri Aug 3 20:28:16 GMT 2012

Has the numbering scheme been changed for building from SVN?
I see an even number (0 and expected 51) and BETA which forces a warning 
at VirtualBox startup and BETA across the main manager. I know how to 
work around this but was wanting to know if this is by design. Seems odd 
to me that SVN would be marked Beta.

One other question, should I be able to build using open watcom now 
since the enable bit is on in the config.kmk?  Presently I have to add 
the disable bit in my LocalConfig.kmk to get the build to work.  Trying 
to use open watcom I get several no rules to make errors. The latest one 
was EFI

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