[vbox-dev] linux kernel taint?

François Revol revol at free.fr
Tue Oct 11 21:03:24 GMT 2011

Le 11/10/2011 20:59, Perry Halbert a écrit :
> Stone throwing seems to be the way of things these days.  Some figure if
> they throw enough they will actually hit an issue.  I would be more
> interested in see the actual tickets myself and seeing what the problem
> really is, but here again this was not given so how could anyone expect
> to take it seriously.
> I myself suspect this has more to do with politics than actual issues,
> but that would be speculation without proof which is again lacking. 
> Anyway how could you take someone seriously that plainly puts something
> like this is crap, or garbage in a code field.  Sounds more like sour
> grapes to me.

Looks like it.
They should probably start looking at their own code quality first.

> Besides kernel_taint just seems to be a way to not have to deal with
> issues.  Look at Debian kern.log after you install the non-free nVidia
> drivers.  Debian does not want to support it so they taint it.  This
> does not necessarily mean that the drivers are bad, just that the
> maintainer does not want to deal with it.

The problem is the nouveau driver is buggy as well, and, well, they
don't fix it either. I've been hit countless times by the same bug that
is open for more than 6 months causing Xorg to hang and risk loosing
data by rebooting if you don't have another box around to ssh and kill it.


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