[vbox-dev] Offer for testing of new VMlite features in exchange for Open-Sourcing them

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 10:54:00 GMT 2011

Hello Huihong Luo,

I had taken a look at VMlite Workstation 4.2.0-BETA r38938.

It is based on VBox code, *but*, some new features exist:
-Offline loop-mounter (u can loop mount VDi on Windows hosts)
-Shared folder are auto-mounted for special folders (My Documents, My
Desktop, ...)
-Colored borders of seamless windows
-Improved Seamless mode: "Seamless Taskbar mode" (complete integration
of taskbars)
-XP mode (downloads XP image from internet + automatically installs
it, which is legal for Windows 7 users)
-ability to use physical HDD for new VM via GUI

I find many of those features useful for VBox as well. I did test some of them.
Several bugs were found. I have seen VMlite community on forum testing
it -- but their skill-set and coverage was very limited.
Anyway, I'd like to publish my test results for VMlite, but the
Open-Source community primarily supports Open-Source Software.

For example I recently covered VirtualBox 4.1.6 testing on Windows 7:

Similarly to VirtualBox, I promise to publish test results for every
single feature that VMlite Open-Sources, and make available for
VirtualBox to include.
Closed-Source features will remain untested (or with results unpublished).

So please consider my offer.

Best wishes,
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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