[vbox-dev] VirtualBox PCI device for shared memory

Neville Clark vbox at zavalon.com
Mon May 16 04:56:31 GMT 2011

Prior to Version 4 of VirtualBox I had a simple PCI device that allowed
a block of host memory (linux) to be shared with one or more guests
(windows). This required a simple patch to the OSE version and a simple
windows device driver installed in the guest. The patch used is
(re)attached to this email, it was originally posted 27/May/2010.

But with version 4, this no long works, (hand patching of the source
required because of scale of changes). I have NOT yet spent much time
debugging why it does not work.

I suspect a better approach would be to develop an extension package for
version 4.

But I have been unable to find any documentation or sample code on how
to go about creating my own extension package.

My questions are
1. Is there any documentation or sample code for extension package?
2. Will the extension package have sufficient access to the internals of
VirtualBox to allow shared memory between the host and guest.

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