[vbox-dev] A future direction... VBox 4.1 and GNS3 users

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Wed May 4 21:55:25 GMT 2011

Hello Oracle Devs,

Soon you'll get UDP tunnel patch, but let's discuss some thing:
I wanna leverage the GNS3 community for Alpha-testing of VBox 4.1 --
the only way to do this, is by having some critical functionality in
UDP tunnel is such a killer feature for GNS3 users. (it has use cases
beyond GNS3, when for example, you wanna connect a VM behind firewall
to another VM on the internet, and have all protocols available)

What we need:
1. stable VMM  -- currently I found one blocker bug in it. seem my other email.
2. mostly working python API, VBoxManage and GUI
3. Windows binary build (multi-arch), Linux 64bit + Linux 32bit
multi-distro packages. 3 Builds total. UDP patched.
4. If UDP patch is of good quality, we'd like it to be included into
v4.1 release as a standard feature. (enabled in Oracle's default
binary builds for all platforms). I will make best effort to test and
stabilize it.

What we don't need:
1. Guest Additions (not necessary)
2. Docs (can be incomplete or lacking)
3. All the extra nice features (can be disabled during compile time)

I fully understand that release timing of GNS3 project is not 100%
aligned with Oracle's timeline for v4.1 release. Still we wanna try.

What we give in return:
1. Very early Alpha-testing of VirtualBox 4.1 -- all the way until
final v4.1 release (whenever it will be released)
2. Increased user base
3. Free marketing

The question is: Can you provide us with binary Windows build with UDP
patches that we send, while the patch is still in BETA ? (without
committing it to SVN tree)
Unfortunately we cannot build VBox on Windows hosts. So we need help.

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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