[vbox-dev] update UEFI VBoxPkg

KESHAV P.R. skodabenz at gmail.com
Sun May 1 12:29:20 GMT 2011

Hi all,
         I tried to compile VBoxPkg uefi firmware but found out that
it requires mingw-w64 and has not been updated since 2010. Right now
OVMF in edk2 is able to compile with native gcc 4.4 to 4.6 in linux
and there have been many updates to ovmf including a native ata+ahci
drivers in MdeModulePkg and new UEFI Shell (ShellBinPkg). Can you guys
please update the patches to latest edk2 changes and also enable
compile using native gcc.

If this is not possible, can i use unmodified ovmf fd file in VBox, if
so how. I mainly want to test Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Archlinux using
grub2, and maybe Windows 7 x64) booting and I am not bothered about
Mac booting. Thanks in advance.



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