[vbox-dev] Theright way to access vm by webservice

DavidW wyx1999 at hotmail.com
Mon May 31 23:22:38 GMT 2010

I need control several virtual machines in a batch, for example, power all
up together or save state of all them together.


To do that, I need call the webservice, for now I do this way

1, IWebsessionManager_logon

2, IWebsessionManager_getSessionObject

3, for each virtual machine, call IVirtualBox_openExistingSession or
IVirtualBox_openSession, do other calls to power the vm or savesate of the


The above steps doesn't work consistenly for me. In the above steps, I can
only connect one vm session in one time.


My question is should I call the IWebsessionManager_logon for each vm? If we
do that, I can have a session open for each vm, is that a suggested way?



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