[vbox-dev] vbox-dev Apply patch to fix hardcoded CMD-h and CMD-q ?

Jeremy Druker jsd.vboxdevel at bvac.co.za
Sun May 16 20:18:38 GMT 2010

> I saw a proposed patch fixing the problems caused by the change  
> resulting
> from http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/5684

Here is a working patch against 3.1.6:

* It fixes the hard coding of Cmd-H and Cmd-Q, instead using the actual
    keystrokes that have assigned to Hide and Quit by the system, or in
    the System Preferences panel.

* If the keyboard is captured, Cmd-H and Cmd-Q (or whatever) are sent
    to the guest

* When you use Alt-Tab to switch out of a Windows guest console, the  
    bar of the active Windows application is deactivated, so that when  
    switch back to the Windows guest, your cursor is in the widget where
    you left it, not up in the menu (no need to press Escape to get  
back off
    the menu).

It's been lightly tested on OSX 10.5 with a Win2k Pro guest only.

If I could just get around to it, I'd procrastinate more.

Jeremy Druker
jsd at bvac.co.za

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