[vbox-dev] sugestion to dev onto vbox

Nilton Jose Rizzo rizzo at i805.com.br
Sat May 8 02:38:01 GMT 2010

   Hi all,

    I'm new in using vbox, but i was used VMWere for long time, an old version.

    I'm use virtual machines to learn more about OS's and applications
    and create small howto with screen shots or small movies, like this
    how to install freebsd on virtual box, in VMware have a mechanis to do 
    this, but I dont find this in virtual box 3.1.6.  Are there in the 
    future release?  Because this make diference.


Nilton José Rizzo 
805 Informatica 
Disseminando tecnologias 
021 2413 9786
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