[vbox-dev] log all virtualbox actions

Achim Hasenmüller achim.hasenmueller at oracle.com
Thu Aug 19 05:56:35 GMT 2010

On Aug 18, 2010, at 23:04 , Geoff Nordli wrote:

>> Is it possible to get an activity log of all virtualbox actions?
>> I am thinking of machine creation/deletion/settings saved, state changes,
> etc.
> I forgot to add, that I am looking for a "global" view of vbox actions, not
> on a per VM basis.

In your script/application, you have to use IVirtualBox::RegisterCallback:


to register a callback for such events. This can be easily achieved from e.g. Python. Have a look at the VirtualBox Python shell as an example. It's included as vboxshell.py and can also be found here (development version):



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