[vbox-dev] Accessing guest memory from the vBox host

Glenn Tremblay gat at marathontechnologies.com
Wed Aug 18 05:42:08 GMT 2010

I am new to vbox development/architecture and would like to understand
my options in accessing guest memory from the vbox host side. I am
running a Windows guest in a vbox VM with vbox running on top of CentOS.
The windows guest contains a proprietary I/O driver that generates
requests from 4k to 64k in size. Ideally I'd like to pass down the
virtual/physical address and length to vbox on the host and them map the
buffer into the host's memory space for access by a vbox/linux driver.
The host driver must be able to read and write the guest I/O buffer.
Also ideally these buffer addresses will potentially be different for
each I/O buffer to be mapped - although I could get away with a fixed
mapped region and copy the buffer to that preallocated shared region
every time if necessary.


So my questions are:


1)      What are my options for mapping any portion of guest address
space to host accessible address space? And unmap it when done.

2)      Are there any memory address limitations? (e.g. guest address
range must be < 4 GB)

3)      Is there any existing vbox code I study that utilizes this type
of guest memory/buffer access?


Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide,



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