[vbox-dev] How to discard VM state changes ?

Alex alex.lavoro.propio at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 13:07:11 GMT 2010

2010/8/11 Achim Hasenmüller <achim.hasenmueller at oracle.com>:
> If you want to go back to a previous state of the VM, you have to take a snapshot of the state you want to preserve and then restore that snapshot.

Now I've eliminiated the need to *manually* take a snapshot before
powering up the VM by programmatically taking a snapshot before
powering it up, and later restore to it, and delete it.

> There is another way, autoreset HDs but this means they will always go back when you do a power cycle. Check "VBoxManage modifyhd".

I didn't know this. I will try it. Thanks.

Alex Barna.

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