[vbox-dev] powerDown() causes Unknown Status 0x00706BA

Alex alex.lavoro.propio at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 13:00:32 GMT 2010

I powered down a VM by IConsole::powerDown(). The VM is actually
powered down. However, I see an error message in the output of

  API return code:            0x800706BA (Unknown Status 0x800706BA)
  COM error info result code: 0x0
  COM error info text:

Is it normal ?

The code I use to power it down:

ISession session = manager.getSessionObject(holder.vbox);
vbox.openExistingSession(session, machine.getId());
try {
  IProgress progress = session.getConsole().powerDown();
  progress.waitForCompletion(-1); /** <== an exception is raised here */
  result = progress.getResultCode();
} catch (Throwable e) {

'e' is a WebServiceException, the message is
"org.virtualbox_3_1.RuntimeFaultMsg: VirtualBox error:

Alex Barna.

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