[vbox-dev] Modifying CSAM/PATM

Martim Carbone mcarbone at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Apr 15 21:21:50 GMT 2010


Thank you for your replies to my previous question "VBox CSAM/PATM in VMX mode".

I think I should probably make my intentions clearer. My ultimate goal
is to be able to intercept, from inside the hypervisor, all
kernel-level executions of CALL and RET instructions performed by a
guest OS. I understand the performance implications of this.
Considering the role that CSAM/PATM already play, it seemed natural to
me that these could be extended so that kernel CALL and RET
instructions could be dynamically "patched" (as already done with
sensitive operations) with code which would trap to the hypervisor
upon execution. If CSAM/PATM are not used in VMX mode, I can live
without VMX. The question really is to what extent would CSAM/PATM
need to be modified to implement this kind of CALL/RET tracing.

I'm not expecting a step-by-step guide, of course; rather an estimate
from more experienced Vbox developers (as I'm not myself very
experienced) as to what amount of effort would be involved in this
addition and any possible pitfalls that I should watch out for when
modifying the code.

Thanks again,

-- Martim

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