[vbox-dev] VirtualBox Python Automation Support

Nikolay Igotti Nikolay.Igotti at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 14 11:32:54 GMT 2010

  Hi Robert,

Robert Ramsay пишет:
> First issue is on a Windows 7 64bit host. I get an error trying to get
> a screenshot with takeScreenShotSlow:
> com_error: (-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, u'Display',
> u'Argument aScreenData is NULL', None, 0, -2147024809),None)
> Which before in the vbox-dev archives was established as a problem
> with the COM parameters. I didn't see how it was resolved, but I
> believe the suggestion was to recompile the IDL.
In upcoming versions of API screenshotting is being reworked 
significantly. I will check situation with
screenshots on my Vista box, but it would be truly helpful if you send 
fragments of code leading to this particular error.

> Second issue is for the Ubuntu 9.10 64bit host. I can successfully get
> the screenshot. But I can't control the mouse or keyboard through the
> Python API: putMouseEventAbsolute and putScancode. There isn't any
> error, but the code that works on the Windows host fails to give any
> response on the Linux host.
This is pretty unlikely, as frontends use same API to inject user 
keypresses, so if you can type in your guests, API shall work too.
Note that putMouseEventAbsolute() needs absolute pointing device, and 
for scancodes injection check typeGuestCmd() in
this one known to work pretty well. One issue you may get, is just a 
timing between keypresses.


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