[vbox-dev] How can a Linux program inside a VM find out that a VM has just been restored.

Knut St. Osmundsen bird at sun.com
Mon Apr 12 00:54:28 GMT 2010

On Apr 11, 2010, at 18:21, kernalist wrote:

> Hi, I am developing a Linux program which runs inside VirtualBox  
> (i.e. the guest OS is Linux). The program needs to know the moment  
> when a VM has been restored. Is there a way for a program to find  
> this out?
> I looked through some of the code, and saw some events which  
> presumably are sent to a VM. However, how can I catch these events  
> in my program inside a VM, and which events am I exactly interested  
> in?

Currently there is no official way of determining this. Hmm... One  
idea which might work though is watching /VirtualBox/HostInfo/VBoxVer  
for changes. I'm not entirely sure if waiting on it will work as that  
variable + restore might be a bit of an edge case at the moment.  But  
if it works, the following command should return after a restore:
	VBoxControl wait /VirtualBox/HostInfo/VBoxVer

If it doesn't try poll for timestamp changes using:
	while true; do VBoxControl get /VirtualBox/HostInfo/VBoxVer -verbose;  
sleep 2; done

We have plans to add a dedicated guest property for signaling restore  
events in one of the next releases. When we do that we will make sure  
waiting on it will work 100% upon restore.


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