[vbox-dev] 2 questions

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Thu Apr 1 18:39:22 GMT 2010


Regarding the manual, we discussed this briefly and liked the idea.  
Glad :)

> So far we have always kept the code (open source) and non-code bits
> (logos, manual) separate though, and we have to think a bit more about
> how we will do this, and particularly about giving access to the
> manual source code.  Would you be OK with starting translating based
> on the HTML version, and we can incorporate that and make it publi
> once it reaches
> a reasonable stage for that?
Why not. But how can I fetch all the html manual (I use linux)? Alternatively I can write the translation on a wiki (not sure if layout features are enough powerful) or a latex file. So I'm OK for html, wiki (if technically possible) or LaTeX, tell me what do you prefer and if you prefer html, how can I fetch the whole document on the local machine to work?

> If you need to discuss translation details and terminology and things
> you can talk to me about that at any time, by mail or on IRC.
Ok thanks

> Regards,
> Michael

I'm waiting for your answers. Anyway glad if the project interests.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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