[vbox-dev] Arrangement of EPT structures with SMP

Tom Birch froody at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 19:42:02 GMT 2009

I'm looking through the page management code, specifically hardware
acceleration on Intel with EPT, and I can't quite figure out the
high-level relationships between various structures. Both the VMCS and
EPTP seem to be per-PVMCPU data structures, does this mean that within
a single VM, you can have multiple distinct EPTPs (on different
VCpus), or is this arrangement just a consequence of the way shadow
paging worked before EPT? Put another way, can I guarantee that all
VCpus within a single VM will all share the same EPTP? I'm mainly
concerned about how this applies to Darwin if that matters, but I
seems like a fairly Host-OS-agnostic feature.


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