[vbox-dev] SnowLeopard issues with tstVMM and tstVMM-HwAccm

Tom Birch froody at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 01:21:39 GMT 2009

I'm trying to get a feel for VBox and familiarize myself with the
testing infrastructure, but I'm having some problems. With a release
build, tstVMM and tstVMM-HwAccm fail on exit with
VERR_VM_INVALID_VM_STATE, and making a debug build, it looks to be
just an oversight in the test code:

!!Assertion Failed!!
Expression: <none>
Location  : /Volumes/work/tbirch/vbox/vbox/src/VBox/VMM/VM.cpp(2884)
int vmR3TrySetState(VM*, const char*, unsigned int, ...)
VMR3Destroy: OFF -> DESTROYING failed, state is actually CREATED

tstVMM-HwAccm has more problems - on the release build it fails with
VERR_HWACCM_CONFIG_MISMATCH. After disabling that test in
VMM/HWACCM.cpp it works fine (apart from the above-mentioned issue),
but building debug triggers the following assert:

!!Assertion Failed!!
Expression: cbSize && cbSize <= pVM->pdm.s.cbVMMDevHeapLeft
Location  : /Volumes/work/tbirch/vbox/vbox/src/VBox/VMM/PDM.cpp(1452)
int PDMR3VMMDevHeapAlloc(VM*, unsigned int, void**)

Are these known issues? Commenting out the assert just makes
tstVMM-HwAccm segfault.

Are these tools the best way to test core functionality of VBox
without running the whole GUI App? Am I missing something?


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