[vbox-dev] Warning: latest vbox OSE from svn is corrupting xml files

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 19 18:59:27 GMT 2009

walt wrote:
> On 10/17/2009 02:11 PM, walt wrote:
>> The latest revision is 23759, and I'm seeing corruption of the
>> my-virtual-machine-name.xml files after discarding snapshots.
> Well, I'm mystified.  I spent hours today making and discarding
> snapshots without any problems.
> Yesterday I sent a follow-up post describing exactly what I had
> to edit in order to get the xml files working again -- but it
> hasn't made it to the list yet.  Maybe gmane.org is having
> problems this weekend.
> Anyway, I can't reproduce my original problem so I'll shut up
> for now and say thanks to the devs for a great product :o)

There was a bug a few weeks back which somewhat garbled existing VM 
configs. Maybe you bumped into that one as a long-term side effect. It 
didn't happen for newly created configs.

But in any case: if you're running bleeding edge code you must know that 
it comes with a "price tag". The SVN version doesn't get much more QA 
than "it compiles". Of course we fix bugs as development goes further, 
but occasionally there is severe breakage.


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