[vbox-dev] Warning: latest vbox OSE from svn is corrupting xml files

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 21:11:54 GMT 2009

The latest revision is 23759, and I'm seeing corruption of the
my-virtual-machine-name.xml files after discarding snapshots.

It happened to two of my virtual machines after discarding the
oldest snapshot for each machine, but I didn't discover the
problem until the next time I ran vbox.  I then saw that both
machines were 'inaccessible' due to their xml file errors.

I reconstructed one file by editing out snapshot uuids that
no longer exist.  Apparently the deleted snapshots were not
removed from the xml file.

Still working on the other machine, which gives the error
message "found DVD drive but IDE controller does not exist".
In this case (I think) that one or more attached controllers
were deleted by mistake when the snapshot was discarded.

But I'm not certain yet about the second machine.

Anyway, make sure to make backups before discarding any snapshots.

BTW, this is on a linux host running Windows Vista guests.

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