[vbox-dev] Init script interferes with Debian virtualbox-ose package

Felix Geyer debfx-vbox at fobos.de
Tue Oct 13 15:59:29 GMT 2009

In Debian init scripts aren't deleted when the package is removed.
So the first thing init scripts should do is to check if the package is
installed, typically by checking if the main binary exists.
If that's not the case they should exit with status code 0.

Though in this case that's not enough as a user might install
virtualbox, remove it and install virtualbox-ose (or vice versa).

A possible solution would be to add this at the top of the vboxdrv init
test -x /usr/bin/VBoxHeadless -a ! -d /usr/share/doc/virtualbox-ose ||
exit 0

- Felix

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