[vbox-dev] tuntap hacks for FreeBSD vbox hosts (bandaid till vbox-net driver...)

Mario Lobo mlobo at digiart.art.br
Sat Aug 22 23:24:23 GMT 2009

On Saturday 22 August 2009 09:36:12 Juergen Lock wrote:
>  Btw, seems my patch has reached its ultimate goal much more quickly
> than I expected:  Motivating someone to implement `proper' FreeBSD vbox
> net drivers:
> 	http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-emulation/2009-August/006701.ht
>  Thank you Fredrik!! :)
> 	Juergen

I can't get this to compile in RELENG_7 or RELENG_7_2.

It stops at a missing file: sys/net/if_llatbl.h that doesn't exist in 7.x.

I've downloaded RELENG_8 and it's there, so must I assume this is for 8 only?

Isn't there a sys/net/if_llatbl.h for RELENG_7 or RELENG_7_2?

If this is true, I'll stick to Juergen patch for a little longer. I hope to 
find a way to keep both (tap/VBoxNetFlt) in VBox. The tap patch works 
flawlesly and the tap device is extremely flexible to have around, specially 
to do firewall/QoS to control traffic to/from the VMs, IN the host itself 

Mario Lobo
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