[vbox-dev] VboxService GetAddsVersion

James Lucas jimmy at secsme.org.au
Mon Aug 3 13:48:36 GMT 2009


Please see attached diff which implements VBoxService reporting Guest Addition
properties /VirtualBox/GuestAdd/Version and /VirtualBox/GuestAdd/Revision. I
have coded this following the implementation/style of other VBox tools such as
VBoxControl. It has been tested on a CentOS5 x86 guest.

The code is release under the MIT License.

For those wondering what this patch will do for them, with this patch applied
is trivial to run a script on your host against all of your VMs (not just
Windows) with VBoxManage and check if the Guest Version is the same as the
installed Virtual Box version, alerting you to any machines that need

Related ticket: http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/3415


Quoting Klaus Espenlaub <Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM>:

> James Lucas wrote:
> > The guest property information for the VBoxService version and components
> is
> > only implemented for Windows Hosts.
> > 
> > Is there a plan for implementing this for Linux guests? I am willing to
> > implement some of it if there is any documentation for what is required.
> Well, "required" would imply that there's a formal specification. Which 
> we don't have yet. But it'd be great if linux/solaris/... guests would 
> also provide as much information as possible. The keys should be 
> identical unless it's some information which doesn't make sense on Windows.
> > Firstly I can see that the two keys /VirtualBox/GuestAdd/Version and
> > /VirtualBox/GuestAdd/Revision could be implemented for all VBoxService
> versions
> > by putting the information from VBOX_VERSION_STRING and VBoxSVNRev() [Which
> all
> > other tools use) instead of the current registry key check for windows
> only.
> Sounds good.
> > In VBoxServiceVMInfo.cpp 
> > 
> > #include <VBox/version.h>
> > 
> > Line 176 add 
> > VboxServiceWriteProp(g_VMInfoGuestPropSvcClientID, "GuestAdd/Revision",
> > VboxServiceWriteProp(g_VMInfoGuestPropSvcClientID, "GuestAdd/Version",
> > VBoxSVNRev());
> Klaus

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