[vbox-dev] Linux Guest Additions Installation

Michael Thayer Michael.Thayer at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 3 09:39:20 GMT 2009

Hello Chris,

Chris Smowton wrote:
> I'm currently trying to build VB OSE from source; whilst this has been
> successful thus far, I can't see any documentation regarding how exactly
> the guest additions ought to be installed into my guest VMs.
> Specifically I'm only concerned with graphics-related additions, in
> particular accelerated GL (cr) support.
> Could someone give me a pointer as to what to do with the stack of
> binaries that get dropped into out/.../bin/additions and lib/additions?
Your best bet is probably to take a look at the non-OSE Additions
installer.  You can get at it it  by running the .run installer file
with the additional command line parameters "--keep --noexec" and
looking at the file "install.sh" among the files extracted.  Please note
that redistribution of this file is not allowed.


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