[vbox-dev] problem when building debug version

Fengjun Eric Tian Fengjun.Tian at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 29 23:51:35 GMT 2008

Hi Brandt,

I ran SUPUninstall.exe and SUPInstall.exe and re-register the COM 
component from the debug dir and still no luck.
Thank you for your kind attention.


S. Brandt 写道:
> Fengjun Eric Tian <Fengjun.Tian at ...> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I'm building 2.0.2-OSE under windows xp sp2 host.
>> I can build a debug version using "kmk BUILD_TYPE=debug" and it is
>> working, the question is, it doesn't print any debug message to the log
>> file, and the first line of log file shows it's still a *release* version:
>> "00:00:01.347 VirtualBox 2.0.2_OSE r12420 win.x86 (Oct 28 2008 14:37:00)
>> release log"
>> I did run virtualbox3.exe from out\win.x86\debug\bin.
> Hi!
> Did you (re)register the COM component from the debug directory?
> The VirtualBox3 is only the user interface, the functionality is provided by
> VBoxSVC.exe.
> You need to make sure VBox is not longer running (check for VBoxSVC in the task
> manager, kill it if still running after closing the frontend and all machines
> and waiting a few secs).
> You need to run comregister.cmd from the debug/bin directory, and possible
> SUPUninstall.exe and SUPInstall.exe
> Hope this helps,
> Sebastian
> PS: 2.0.4 is out ;-)
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