[vbox-dev] problem when building debug version

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Wed Oct 29 09:50:36 GMT 2008

Fengjun Eric Tian <Fengjun.Tian at ...> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm building 2.0.2-OSE under windows xp sp2 host.
> I can build a debug version using "kmk BUILD_TYPE=debug" and it is
> working, the question is, it doesn't print any debug message to the log
> file, and the first line of log file shows it's still a *release* version:
> "00:00:01.347 VirtualBox 2.0.2_OSE r12420 win.x86 (Oct 28 2008 14:37:00)
> release log"
> I did run virtualbox3.exe from out\win.x86\debug\bin.
Did you (re)register the COM component from the debug directory?
The VirtualBox3 is only the user interface, the functionality is provided by
You need to make sure VBox is not longer running (check for VBoxSVC in the task
manager, kill it if still running after closing the frontend and all machines
and waiting a few secs).
You need to run comregister.cmd from the debug/bin directory, and possible
SUPUninstall.exe and SUPInstall.exe

Hope this helps,

PS: 2.0.4 is out ;-)

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