[vbox-dev] FreeBSD build

Knut St. Osmundsen bird at sun.com
Mon Oct 13 16:37:31 GMT 2008

Mr. Chapman,

some people are starting to get annoyed here at vbox-dev.

You have been told several times, both directly and indirectly, that
what we are *not* looking help getting things building on FreeBSD
because this is a very easy task. We are rather for someone to pick up
the kernel driver (stop it from crashing, make the memory part work
(this is the main problem) and make the whole product usable).  Now, if
someone steps up that has the required skill and is willing to spend
some time helping with this, I will personally make sure the tree is in
a building state on FreeBSD.  If I do it myself it'll probably take less
than two hours.

Two hours is a small amount of time, which is why it simply doesn't make
sense for us to spend time on verifying and applying build patches.  The
same thing goes for reading about FreeBSD build errors and very basic
build questions, not to mention answering them.  Summing up the time
consumed by just Klaus, Frank and me on these exchanges, I'm pretty
certain we're close to 2 hours already.  That is 2 hours not spent
getting the FreeBSD port working, well and some other stuff.

So, please, would you kindly *stop* posting simple beginners questions
here.  You can post all you like to vbox-users.

Kind Regards,

PS. It would've helped if you were less spam like in your approach, esp.
after having it pointed out several times.

Desmond Chapman wrote:
> Users:Look on the forums for build instructions.
> Developers:Need help with following problem:
> @gcc -c -O2 -pipe -ansi -Wall -Wno-unused -I/usr/local/include/libIDL-2.0
> Problem links to src/libs/xpcom18a4 subdirectory in VirtualBox-2.0.0
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